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immuta swap
The Immutable X Cryptocurrency Exchange

Total Trade Volume

Over $31 million

Total Trades

Over 14,000

Total Unique Traders

Over 1,000

What is ImmutaSwap?

ImmutaSwap is the first and only cryptocurrency exchange service where users can swap cryptocurrency on the Immutable X platform.

Check out the video to see how easy it is to get started.

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No crypto? No problem!

If you do not have any cryptocurrency in Immutable X L2, you can earn some via the Play-to-Earn games listed below. Or check out for more great Immutable X games.


We have lots of exciting developments on the horizon:

  • ImmutaBucks Genesis Collection
  • Manual ImmutaBucks Stabilization
  • ImmutaBucks Marketplace
  • Automate ImmutaBucks Stabilization
  • Release Initial Automated Market Maker
  • Create Developer API
  • Release Initial Coin Offering
  • Open Liquidity to Community
  • Integrate with StarkNet and build a DEX
  • Expand services to other blockchains (i.e. Polygon, StarkNet, etc.)